Insomnia Treatment Options to Consider


nyone who is suffering from insomnia should visit our clinic for insomnia treatment. This is a rather serious problem that can lead to serious health consequences. The ability to sleep is something that most people take for granted and so few consider how their health could be impacted if they were unable to do so.

However, the ability for the body to get adequate rest is absolutely critical for maintaining proper bodily functions. Without enough rest, it can be difficult to do anything, including work, exercise or maintain a normal lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary to visit our clinic right away after being unable to sleep for a couple of days or more.

Insomnia Treatment Options

There are several ways to treat insomnia. One such way is the use of sleep aids or medications. We find them to be particularly useful for anyone who has difficulty sleeping or staying asleep on a regular basis. The good news is that these medications will continue to improve over time and have fewer side effects.

Fortunately, as the technology has improved it is also possible for patients to take medication for their insomnia and to wake up feeling completely refreshed the next day. This is the ideal scenario and one that we see play out on a regular basis. In fact, once our patients have begun their treatment, few report that it has influenced their life negatively. Most are incredibly happy with the results and their renewed energy levels.

We Recommend A Prescription

It is also important to note that there are multiple types of medications available to treat insomnia. This means that if one does not produce the desired results, we can adjust and prescribe an alternative. As such, our patients have the flexibility to use a medication that is both effective and convenient for their specific needs.

When looking at various sleep aids, there are some that are available over-the-counter. However, these are typically not as effective as a prescription and they are more likely to cause drowsiness. For the benefit of our patients' quality of life, we recommend a prescription instead.

Alternative Treatment Options

Some patients have difficulty sleeping for other reasons and need to have alternative therapies as a result. For example, if someone is not receiving quality sleep because of the inability to breathe, a CPAP machine will be the right solution, as opposed to prescription medication. This makes it important to visit the doctor for a proper diagnosis before trying anything.

Things That Can Help

Sometimes insomnia is caused by factors like diet and stress. There are additional things that a patient can do at home to help increase the likelihood of getting a good night's sleep. We recommend trying the following:

1. Exercising

Most people do not get sufficient exercise. The body needs to exercise on a regular basis to remain in optimal health. Doing so will also make it easier to fall asleep at night. This does not mean that it is necessary to go to the gym every day. Sometimes, taking a brisk 30-minute walk is all that is necessary.

2. Practicing Deep Breathing

Breathing techniques, meditation and yoga can be helpful for reducing stress and making it easier to sleep at night. Consider attending a few yoga classes and then practicing these techniques at home every night before bed.

3. Taking a Bath With Lavender

Some essential oils can sometimes help a person relax, lavender is one of them. Taking a nice warm bath or using an eye pillow that is lavender-scented can often help a person nod off to sleep.

When patients follow these suggestions in conjunction with a prescribed insomnia treatment, they are able to go to sleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling rested.

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We invite you to call our office and schedule an appointment so that we can begin to provide the treatment necessary for you to be able to get a good night's sleep and to begin feeling rested and energized again.