How Does a Snoring Treatment Work?


or many people, scheduling a snoring treatment never crosses their mind. Snoring is something that most people struggle with from time to time and so it is assumed that it is a natural part of life rather than symbolic of something that is taking place with a person’s physical health. We have found that snoring can often be treated because it is a result of a health problem or the body not functioning exactly as it should.

Snoring Due to Illness

It is common for people to snore if they have a sinus infection, cold or other respiratory illness that is causing obstruction of their airways. This is something that often must run its course or be treated with antibiotics. We do not treat the common cold or respiratory illnesses in our office and recommend that if this is the case, the patient visit their general physician.

Snoring Caused by Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Our snoring treatment helps patients who have begun to snore because of obstructive sleep apnea. This is a respiratory condition where the jaw falls backward at night and the tongue falls backward with it. This is typically due to weaker jaw muscles but it can be caused by a variety of factors.

When the tongue falls backward, it begins to obstruct the airways. As airflow is blocked, the body begins to spend the night desperately trying to remove the tongue and snoring results. Some patients will also make choking sounds or gasping noises. This can be incredibly disturbing for anyone who is sharing their bed. For this reason, many of the patients that visit us do so at the request of their partner.

Snoring Treatment

Our snoring treatment is noninvasive yet incredibly effective. We do not prescribe medication or recommend surgery or a procedure. Instead, we create a custom oral appliance for our patients to wear while sleeping. Designed using the specific measurements of our patients’ mouths, the oral appliance remains securely in place and will not move while sleeping. It is comfortable, secure and easy to sleep with. All the patient needs to do is insert it prior to falling asleep. It will keep the lower jaw in the forward position which will prevent the tongue from falling backward. This ensures that the airways remain open, snoring is eliminated or reduced and our patients wake up feeling rested.

This is also an affordable treatment. Once the oral appliance has been created, it should last for years. We just recommend keeping it in a hard case when not in use and cleaning it properly. No other maintenance is required.

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Anyone who is snoring loudly or making choking and gasping noises in their sleep should visit our office to find out if they have obstructive sleep apnea and could benefit from our snoring treatment. Other signs of a problem include constant fatigue and being unable to stay awake in the evening, even after getting a full night’s sleep the day before.

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